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Searching for Washing Machine Repairs? The team at Appliance care are your Washing Machine Repair specialists in Wellington and have a huge range of replacement parts in stock. We provide servicing and repairs for most makes and models so save yourself the run around and book a site visit today!

Washing Machines

The first publication showing a washing machine appeared in the 1752 issue of ‘The Gentlemen’s Magazine”. As electricity was not commonly available until at least 1930, some early mechanically driven washing machines were operated by gasoline engines!

The first automatic washing machine was from the Bendix Corporation in 1937 but had to be bolted to the floor to avoid walking around the room!

It wasn’t until 1998 that the New Zealand based company of Fisher & Paykel introduced its SmartDrive washing machine in the US which used a computer controlled system to determine load size.

Washing Machine Brands We Repair:

Installation Instructions

Every washing machine is different; however there are some areas that are universal across makes and models.

    1. Water Connection

There are typically two main incoming pipes that supply a washing machine with its clean water. Some front loaders only require 1 inlet hose.

    1. Drainage

The train hose on your washing machine needs to be elevated and installed where it will not get blocked by debris resulting in a flooded washroom.

    1. Power

This is the final step of the installation. Once all of the above

    1. Reset

If for any reason the Washing Machine is still not working the first step should be a factory reset.

Always carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing your washing machine.