Fridge and Freezer Repair Wellington

Searching for fridge repair or freezer repairs in Wellington? The team at Appliance care are your cooling appliance repair specialists in Wellington and have a huge range of replacement parts in stock. We can service and repair most makes and models so save your back pocket and ensure your fridge and freezer is working properly!

Fridges & Freezers

Storing food for a long period of time has been a challenge since cavemen days. Very few cavemen had enough storage for an adult mammoth and….

Fridge Brands We Repair:

Installation Instructions

Every Fridge is different; however these are one of the easiest appliances to install as long as you follow the following rules:

Moving an Existing Fridge or Freezer

Always keep the fridge in an upright position. After moving a fridge, allow at least 1 hour (ideally 24) for gasses to settle. Turning on before this can cause the unit to become faulty.

Fridge Maintenance

You should regularly check your fridge for wear in order to keep power bills down. Make sure the doors shut completely and the seals are in good condition. A good tip is to put a flashlight in the fridge at night and close the door. This will identify any gaps in the seal.


Always carefully follow your manufacturer’s installation instructions to avoid voiding warranties.

Fridge Repair