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Dryer Repair Wellington

Searching for clothes dryer repairs in Wellington? The team at Appliance care are your clothes dryer repair specialists and have a large range of replacement parts in stock. We can service and repair most makes and models of driers so save your time hanging out clothes and ensure your dryer is working properly!

Dryer Brands We Repair:

Common Issues

Lint in the clothes?

A clean lint filter is an important maintenance item that if not maintained, can result in fire. Ensure that you clean your lint trap/filter after every load to ensure it can be effectively removed from your clothes.

Washing room full of moisture?

When drying clothes, removed moisture must go somewhere. This is why it is so important to consider venting your dryer outside. This will avoid mould and moisture build up which may cause damage over time.

Installation Instructions

Every dryer is different; however these are one of the easiest appliances to install as long as you follow the following rules:

Venting a Dryer

Although this is optional, it is strongly recommended that your dryer is vented outside to avoid moisture build up.

Wall Hanging a Dryer.

If you wish to maximise your laundry space, it can often be beneficial to wall mount your dryer. Most dryers will come with a wall mount kit, or will offer it as an additional extra. Always ensure you are mounting brackets to wall studs and not into plasterboard.