Appliance Repairs Wellington

We provide repairs for a wide range of appliances from all the leading manufacturers. Don’t buy new when your current appliance may still have years of faithful service left with a little bit of care and attention. All our repairs also come with our own Repair Warranty, on top of the part warranties from the manufacturers for the extra piece of mind.

Appliance Brands we Repair:

Repair Warranty

Our repairs come with a three month warranty on our all our house calls (or workshop work) and labour. Spare parts that we provide (being new parts through our suppliers) come with a 12 month warranty. If your machine develops the same fault with the same cause within 3 months of our service, then the parts, house call and labour are covered.

We may determine that the second fault has a different cause, even if the symptoms are the same – it can happen. In this case the house call and labour will not be covered. Whether the parts are covered has to be decided on a case by case basis.

If the fault recurs outside the 3 months, then the parts may be covered by the supplier’s 12 month warranty.

We cannot guarantee the work of other companies. If another service company has serviced your appliance, and there is a problem, you need to contact that company.