Parmco Appliance Repair Wellington

Based out of Mount Wellington in Auckland, Parmco are a New Zealand brand giving a kiwi take on appliances for over 24 years. Parmco stand behind their appliances with up to 5 Years warranty on their products and a focus on customer service.

Parmco Repair

We repair most Parmco appliances with genuine parts and warranties. Although they are a New Zealand brand, many service companies lack experience with Parmco appliances and may use un-certified parts. Please ensure that you use a technician with experience and a warranty to match.

Parmco Parts

With its base in Auckland New Zealand, Parmco parts are typically quick and easy to get in stock. Unlike other brands where parts need to be brought in from Korea or Japan, Parmco is local which can often result in a quick turnaround on any parts we don’t have in stock currently.

Call us to enquire about the likely turnaround time on any parts you know you will need.

Parmco Appliance Types