Maytag Appliance Repair Wellington

Maytag are an American brand that focuses on hard wearing and tough appliances aimed at active homes. For over 100 years the Maytag brand has been associated with long warranties (10 year limited part warranties) and durability. This has resulted in some extremely robust appliances that compete at a global scale.

Maytag Repair

We can repair most Maytag appliances by one of our qualified and experienced technicians. We repair Maytag laundry and kitchen appliances. All our Maytag appliance repairs come with our repair warranty on top of any part warranties that apply.

Maytag Parts

Maytag parts come with some of the longest warranties in the industry. Key parts which come with their 10 year limited parts warranties include: Wash baskets & motors, Fridge Compressors, Electric Elements, Microwave magnetrons & dishwasher tubs, racks and choppers. Due to the resilience of these appliances it is important that you use genuine Maytag parts.

Maytag Appliance Types